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GRE has designed, built, tested and is producing fuel at a commercial rate from its Renewable Fuel Production (“RFP”) unit. GRE is taking waste products that municipalities pay to have removed – and converting that waste into fuel products such as diesel (ASTM D975), home heating oil (ASTM D396), or electricity through the powering of generators. The process from the machine mimics the natural geological processes involved in the production of fossil fuels.

Headquartered in Yonkers, New York, GRE was founded in December 2010 by Nicholas T. Canosa, President and CEO of GRE. Until recently, the GRE management and engineering group have been optimizing its RFP Unit, which allows it to take and process waste plastics and on a commercial scale produce diesel fuel.

Nicholas T. Canosa

President & Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Canosa specializes in starting businesses from idea inception to a fully operational organization. He is well known for starting niche companies and building them to a critical mass within a specific geographic area and then exiting with either an IPO or sale to a consolidating acquirer. Mr. Canosa is proficient in expanding through acquisition or additional adding locations leading to a profitable enterprise. Presently, Mr. Canosa is President and Chief Executive Officer of Golden Renewable Energy, LLC (“GRE).

Prior to founding GRE, Mr. Canosa founded Lion Fuels International, LLC (“LFI”). LFI manages a 2,500 acre Jatropha farm in Honduras, Central America. LFI provided a small capital infusion to this distressed farm in order to keep the Jatropha crop viable for sale. This company was strategically started to take advantage of the recent interest in the US biofuels industry and attempt by the US Government Department of Defense to find the best non-edible feedstock for biodiesel and jet fuel. Jatropha oil has far exceeded the performance specifications of any renewable feedstock used for additives, biodiesel and jet fuel. Presently, a gallon of Jatropha is selling for approximately thirty (30) dollars or more due to the research and development being conducted. These levels will come down over the next couple of years, but not before LFI has positively penetrated the marketplace with Jatropha contributing to the research and development currently underway.

Prior to forming LFI, Mr. Canosa founded and was Chief Executive Officer of Global Financial Credit, LLC (“Global”). Global was started in 2003 and was one of the first, and is presently one of the largest companies to advance funds to people/plaintiffs involved in a lawsuit awaiting settlement. Global would advance numerous small loans to plaintiffs involved in a valid lawsuit waiting for a settlement from the defendant insurance company. Global would lien the case at the attorney or defendant insurance company to assure payment of principal and interest. Global rapidly expanded its loan portfolio. Between 2003 and 2007 the company completed approximately 15,000 loans with a settlement value of greater than thirty (30) million dollars. In late 2007 a small private equity firm purchased the company for twenty (20) million dollars.

In 1999, before forming Global, Mr. Canosa purchased USAG, INC. an existing small chain of daycare centers that used movement education and gymnastics as a marketing draw for parents to enroll children in these daycare centers. Subsequent to the purchase Mr. Canosa opened three additional centers that are still in operation and providing substantial cash flow.

In 1995 prior to USAG, Inc., Mr. Canosa founded and was Chief Executive Officer of Affordable Diagnostics, Inc. This company was organized by Mr. Canosa to own and operate free-standing independent multi-diagnostic centers that include MRI, CT-Scan and X-Ray equipment. This company took advantage of an existing void in the medical diagnostic market. Area hospitals had a monopoly on this type of equipment making it difficult for outside/independent doctors to see patients outside the hospital. In two (2) years Mr. Canosa opened five diagnostic centers and four (4) physical therapy centers. In 1998 Mr. Canosa merged this company in an all stock deal with Fonar Corporation, a manufacture of MRI machines endeavoring to enter the service/retail end of the diagnostic business. Subsequently, Fonar Corporation was awarded two hundred and fifty (250) million dollars in a patent infringement case against General Electric Corporation that doubled the value of the stock owned by Mr. Canosa and his partners to approximately twenty two (22) million dollars. Mr. Canosa as part of the merger worked with Fonar Corporation as Director of Business Development for approximately one (1) year to assure a consistent and smooth transition.

In 1991, prior to Affordable Diagnostic, Inc., Mr. Canosa founded and was Chief Executive Officer of Northeast Physical Therapy Centers (“Northeast”). Mr. Canosa opened six (6) and purchased another twelve (12) physical therapy centers creating a monopoly on the western side of Connecticut. In 1994 Mr. Canosa merged Northeast with ProSports Care, Inc., then opening and purchasing physical therapy centers in New York and Connecticut. Four (4) months after the merger in September, 1994 Mr. Canosa took ProSports Care public (NASDAQ: PSCM) raising twenty five (25) million dollars and subsequently a secondary offering raised an additional thirty (30) million dollars approximately eight (8) months after the IPO. In 1996 Mr. Canosa merged ProSports Care with Healthsouth Corporation (NYSE: HRC) in a full stock for stock merger. Mr. Canosa sold all his stock when HRC was trading between $40 and $52 per share.

Mr. Canosa received a Bachelor of Science in Finance and Business Administration from New York University in 1984. Mr. Canosa also received a juris doctor degree from Yeshiva University Benjamin Cardozo School of Law in New York City in 1987.

Michael Moreno

Executive Vice President & Director of Business Development

Mr. Moreno has over 25 years in the financial services and fund management industry. Prior to joining GRE, Mr. Moreno was a Principal at Black Diamond Capital Management, LLC (“BDCM”), an approximately $8.5 billion alternative asset management firm specializing in amongst other things, the acquisition, stabilization, growth and sale of distressed companies in the U.S. and Europe. Mr. Moreno still retains certain responsibilties at BDCM in addition to his position at GRE. Prior to joining BDCM, Mr. Moreno was a Principal at Atlantic Pacific Capital, a placement agent specializing in raising institutional assets for alternative investment managers. Mr. Moreno began raising alternative investment capital in 1996 for ING Asset Management.

Mr. Moreno began his career at Chemical Bank, in the Loan Syndications, Structured Finance and Private Placements Group, and co-headed emerging markets loan syndications desks for both ING and BankBoston.

Mr. Moreno received his B.A. in Political Science from Tulane University.

Jeffrey Neumann

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Elizabeth Sanders

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Anthony F. Tenore

Operations Manager

Mr. Tenore is currently the Head of Operations for Golden Renewable Energy, LLC and responsible for managing all facets of our production facilities.

Prior to joining GRE, Mr. Tenore worked for Fonar Corporation for over 30 years. Beginning in 1980 and throughout his tenure he has had many duties and served in many capacities, primarily in manufacturing, management and operations. Mr. Tenore was responsible for manufacturing and installing magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanning machines throughout the world. His duties included coordination of staff, rigging equipment and transportation of all components between point of origin and point of destination. Additionally he interfaced with customers and contractors to meet specific site requirements, and with contractors and doctors to implement strategies to ensure the coordination of all materials. Specifically, Mr. Tenore was responsible for production of MRI mobile trailers. By working with engineering departments he helped to develop MRI trailers that met DOT regulations. He has overseen operations of machine shops that manufacture components for mobile MRI units and managed and developed the vacuum impregnation division during production of electromagnetic coils.

Mr. Tenore was also responsible for production and installation of radio frequency shielded rooms. He has designed and manufactured shielded rooms to house MRI units and has been responsible for testing and assembly of these shielded rooms.

In 1992, Mr. Tenore started All American Machinery Movers. All American Machinery Movers is a full service rigging company that operates in the medical machinery industry.

Mr. Tenore has three (3) US patents, certification in overhead bridge crane installations and removals, certification in forklift operations up to 75,000 pounds and is OSHA 10 certified.

Oluwaseun Oluwadare

Chief Engineer

Mr. Oluwadare is responsible for overseeing all aspects of design and production at GRE. Mr. Oluwadare has over 12 years of experience working in the automobile, manufacturing, power generation, alternative energy and agricultural industries.

Prior to joining GRE, Mr. Oluwadare was the lead engineer and mechanic for Tri Lift Inc. and Triport Fleet, Inc. Previously, Mr. Oluwadare served as an engineer in Lagos, Nigeria and Asamankase, Ghana.

Mr. Oluwadare is skilled in physics, chemistry, machine engineering, manufacturing and Auto CAD design.

Mr. Oluwadare holds a Higher National Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Accra Polytechnic School in Accra, Ghana and an National Degree in Industrial Maintenance Engineering from Yaba College of Technology in Lagos, Nigeria. While attending Accra Polytechnic, Mr. Oluwadare received the Best Engineering Student, Best Mechanical Student and Most Creative Student awards.

Mr. Monahan received his Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey. In addition, he received a concentration in Power Generation and a double minor in Economics and Green Engineering.

Anthony Tenore

Production Technician

Mr. Tenore is presently a Production Technician and in charge of feedstock management at Golden Renewable Energy, LLC and has over 5 years experience in the field of Rigging and Machinery Moving. Prior to coming to GRE, Mr. Tenore was working as a Rigger in the Magnet Installations department of Fonar Corporation. Mr. Tenore was responsible for manufacturing and installing magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanning machines throughout the nation.

Prior to working with the Fonar Corporation, Mr. Tenore attended Saunders, a Trade and Technical High school, where he earned his degree through a combination of academic and occupational preparation. During his time at Saunders Mr. Tenore studied many different trades focusing on automotive repairs. After graduating Mr. Tenore was immediately hired at Fonar Corporation where his skills developed in the areas of manufacturing and machinery moving.

Christina Vlassis

Human Resources Manager

Christina Vlassis – Mrs. Vlassis is presently the Human Resources Manager of Golden Renewable Energy, LLC and has over 6 years experience in the field of Human Resources.

Prior to coming to GRE, Mrs. Vlassis was a Human Resources Specialist on the HR team of Empire City Casino at Yonkers Raceway. In her position, Mrs. Tenore was responsible for many different aspects of the Human Resources function including the areas of recruiting, training, compensation, benefits and employee relations.

Before joining the team at Empire City Casino at Yonkers Raceway in June of 2006, Mrs. Vlassis attended Manhattanville College where she studied Human Resources Management. During her time at Manhattanville Mrs. Tenore held different Human Resource internship positions which lead to her being hired as a Human Resources Specialist at Empire City Casino at Yonkers Raceway immediately after graduating in May 2006.

Mrs. Vlassis holds a B.A from Manhattanville College.

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