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GRE offers governments/municipalities, waste management companies, commercial waste plastic producers and others a rapidly deployable solution to its waste plastic management. Processing more than 1 ton of plastics per hour on a continuous basis, with a minimal footprint, GRE can be placed close to the source of waste plastics.

GRE’s RFP Unit

GRE’s RFP Unit produces fuel products including a recycled diesel that is not Biodiesel, which is a different & inferior product made from transesterification. Biodiesel cannot meet petroleum standards, therefore, a different measure was created to properly judge Biodiesel called ASTM 6751, which GRE fuel is not. GRE fuel is comparable to ASTM D975 and ASTM D3956.

Its applications include being used:

Electricity Generation

GRE’s proprietary process is ideally suited for the production and distribution of power. GRE Recycled Diesel and synthetic gases can be directed directly into generators or micro-turbines to generate electricity without the use of fossil fuels.

Home Heating Fuel

GRE “Recycled Diesel” is perfectly suited as a replacement fuel for the home heating oil industry for commercial or residential needs. GRE Recycled Diesel meets ASTM 396 requirements.

Marine Industry

GRE’s Recycled Diesel is an ultra-low sulfur distillate and clean emission product. GRE’s fuel offers ship owners and operators converting to low emissions fuel a cost effective and environmentally sound solution.


GRE is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the various waste streams that are generated by medium to large metropolitan areas. GRE focuses on transforming waste plastics to Recycled Diesel and other fuels.

Feed Stocks

Post-Consumer Plastics

Post-Industrial Plastics

Post-Recycled Plastics

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Plastic Film and Bags

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