GRE has closely observed the call and need for renewable fuels that can be used seamlessly in multiple applications, including over the road use, off-road use, heating oil for home or industrial use and as building blocks for plastic production and other uses.

Using pyrolysis, a proven science, GRE has developed a technology that is proven, scalable answer to this call to action. Its second generation RFP Unit, designed, built and tested in Yonkers, NY, has been installed in North Carolina, with plans to rapidly establish additional sites throughout the northeast and eventually throughout the U.S.


Good for municipalities

Reduced expense to municipalities incurred for the disposal of their plastic and other carbon based waste. Additional reduce repair costs and separation equipment at their material recovery facilities.


Many abilities

Ability to accept a wide variety of waste streams at substantially lower costs compared to traditional disposal sites and to produce a commodity at below market rates using sustainable feedstock sources.


Re-use of end of life products

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